computerFor many people thorough the world, medical tourism is still a totally new concept, and for the others, they were used, until recently, to prepare themselves their trip and find themselves their doctor and hospital. For most patients, initial fears about language difficulties and the logistics of traveling overseasare allayed by linking up with a company experienced in putting health trips together.

The global wave of medical tourism sees the apparition of new, internet-based companies that are not health specialists but facilitators, brokers between the international patient and the hospital networks. A medical broker is someone who operates as a middleman who, for a fee, will act as a go-between to find the best deal for your personal needs.

Medical Tourism brokers sell whole medical tourism “packages”  that may be of help to the hesitating patient who wish to jump the step in all safety for him and/or his family. The final cost may of course be a bit higher, due to the fees these companies take for their prestations. This sort of solutions will certainly know a great success in the future, as they permit to avoid any hassle for what deserves now to be called the customers of these all-in-one solutions.

Medical tourism brokers combine world class medical procedures with first class luxury leisure packages to create a truly unique and affordable health + vacation experience complete with accommodations, personal assistants and other amenities. While surgeons, clinics and hotels are carefully chosen for their expertise, reputation and quality of services, clients take though ultimate responsibility for their choices.

Each client’s needs are different, so they adopt a completely personalised approach. They work extremely closely with each individual client, providing tailor-made packages to address their unique needs and, at the same time, they guarantee their personal safety and privacy.

(For a year or two, the travel agents and the tour operators, are also starting to advertise largely medical-tourism-related products. They are developping partnerships with hospital chains in the concerned countries, build data banks of customers and potential customers and even organise some roadshows with them.)

How does it work?

Usually, these medical tourism solutions brokers have an internet presence.

They generally ask you to fill a short online form in order to deliver you a quote for the type of medical care or surgery you need. You can also specify your preferred treatments destination(s) (as well as your travel dates of course).

Then you will receive a detailed quote in the next 24h.

medicThe package provider possess a selection of doctors and hospitals with which he’s working, and has already selected the best accomodation solutions for you. You just have to select your accomodation among the hotels they offer to your choice.

The medical broker will facilitate your pre-consultation and all the doctor/patient interactions needed via email and telephone. Normally, the brokers work only with board certified MD’s, trained according to the same standards and practices as those operating in The United States.

Once their agents have a clear understanding of your medical and travel needs, you will be given a comprehensive profile for the hospital and physician(s) assigned to your procedure and country. This profile includes past and recent education, accreditation, residencies and everything you may want to know.

Medical Tourism companies partners are always private institutions that either meet or exceed the high standards of quality care, technological innovation and accreditation that offer comprehensive English speaking.

Some providers work only on one country, but most of them cover a large range of destinations.

The added value of the provider resides not only in the selection of the best hospitals and accomodations but mostly from the assistance they provide you all long of your stay, from the arrival at the airport to the very end of your stay. You won’t be left alone in a foreign country! A personal assistant willaccompany you to all of your medical appointments. After the procedure, they arrange the transfer to your hotel or resort for convalescence and recuperation. The assistant is available at all times during your stay.

They will also make sure that your physician will follow you until you leave the country and will communicate, if required, with your doctor at home to communicate him the information related to your after-treatment.