Main Medical Tourism Destinations

Main Medical Tourism Destinations

Here are the main destinations for the medical tourist adressed on my site, with the summary of the available treatments as well as travels tips for each of those countries.


Argentina has a level of excellence in medical care, procedures, treatments and technology which is equal to US and European standards with nonetheless much lower prices. It has a solid reputation for plastic surgery since the country’s economic crisis, as the devaluation of the peso makes aesthetic enhancement very affordable to foreigners.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an impressive health systems. Quality of health care here is comparable to North America or Europe, but rates easily 50% less. Medical tourism is an important source of income for Costa Rica. This destination is especially known for its great dental and plastic surgery care.


Cuba has a growing reputation for medical and therapeutic treatments, at costs significantly lower than in North America and Europe and for providing a network of hospitals, clinics and spas targeted toward foreign visitors, with dedicated hotel facilities. Medical services for foreigners are one of the big income sources of Cuba, as this country has the best health industry in Latin America, at extremely reasonable prices.


Since joining the EU, Hungary and Poland have seen a surge in medical tourism. Interesting for dental care. Less cheap than Asian or South American countries but much closer for Europeans.


India will certainly become the healthcare destination of the world, its two main great advantages being highly skilled manpower and substantially lower cost of treatment.


The kingdom of Jordan has recently decided to develop “medical tourism” and aspires to become a regional health care center.


Very affordable destination for cosmetic surgery, infertility treatments, and dentistry. What makes it attractive also is the fact that the patients can recuperate in Lithuania’s beautiful resorts on the Baltic Sea.


The medical care sector in Malaysia is heavily supported by the government. Malaysia, like Thailand has the particularity to offer an exceptional environment. Patients there will be able to enjoy a combination of sunshine and health care.


The next “hot spot” for the medical tourist! The private Raffles Hospital in Singapore has recently slashed its prices for a handset of common operations 10 standard operations and procedures ranging from having a baby and treating a cataract to undergoing a heart bypass. The goal is to to lure tourists and expatriates seeking inexpensive health care. More clinics and hospitals are following this example. The excellence of Singapore’s health care professionals is now challenging the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Thailand with competitive prices and high-quality medical services. Singapore aims to be the pre-eminent centre for health care in the Asia-Pacific to attract patients from within the region, and from around the globe.

South Africa

With spectacular tourist destinations and favorable exchange rate, South Africa attracts foreigners for its affordable operations and luxurious post-operative holidays. Blood transfusions, cardiology, addiction treatment, cosmetic surgery, gastrointestinal and infertility treatments are some of the many procedures on offer.


Thailand offers a wide variety of major surgery options and treatments. Specialized among others in cosmetic dentistry (laser teeth whitening) and laser sight correction (LASIK). Destination especially recommended for people requiring sex reassignment surgery.

Important tips for travel

A crucial point when talking about medical tourism is that we will easily find a plane ticket for less than € 500-700 for any of the usual destinations needed in our quest for the ideal treatment. It seems so evident, but many people are still booking awfully expensive flights with traditional agencies.

Always use the internet! You will quickly find the cheapest tickets after a bit research on the main discount flights websites at prices that would have been amazing still a few years ago.

During the 3 last years, I’ve always traveled for less than € 600. And when talking with my neighbors in the plane, I often found out that they had paid until the double, or sometime 3 or 4 times that price for the same place in the same plane!

Note that most of the time, One-way and Round-trip tickets are offered at the same price.

My personal advice would be the following: concentrate yourself on finding the cheapest flight. Here is where you can save money that could be saved for either a better accomodation or additional services on site.

Don’t be close to your money when it comes to the hotel. Each dollar/euro you will spend more for the accomodation will give you additional services/confort. On the opposite, a flight in economic class will be the same, whether you purchase it $500 or $2000.

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